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Thermafin's proprietary "Crystal Clear" selective surface coating. A single-phase nonocrystalline technology encapsulated with a permanent protective glass layer serving multiple functions, including anti- reflection, anti-corrosion, and manufacturing durability.

Efficient solar energy collection starts with high thermal conductivity between the fin and tube. The Thermafin welding process actually makes the tube one with the fin and creates a joint at least two times wider than the thickness of the fin copper, resulting in a clean, uninterrupted heat path unlike any other.

Thermafin absorbers have no soldered or crimped seam joints to weaken or fail. The forge welding actually strengthens the joint area, unlike other welding processes, such as ultrasonics, which cause a weakening of the fin around the joint area.

Thermafin uses the world's finest solar selective coating on it's coated products. This revolutionary "Crystal Clear" coating provides better performance and higher quality while also being less expensive through cost savings and reduced material waste.

Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC (AET) is the combined acquisition of three major solar thermal manufacturers from the late 70’s:  Morningstar Manufacturing, US Solar Corporation, and Thermafin.  Morningstar was known for its state of the art electroplating line and high performing absorbers.  US Solar Corporation was renowned for its rugged design, able to handle hurricane winds, as well as for pioneering Drain-Back systems in residential applications.  So successful were these systems, they rated #1 in output by TVA in the early 80’s.  Thermafin produced superior welded absorber fins for numerous companies manufacturing flat plate collectors, by utilizing a high frequency forge welding process that produced a complete and permanent bond between the fin and tube with unsurpassed durability and heat transfer characteristics. The technologies and expertise from these three companies were combined to produce today’s Alternate Energy Technologies’ superior flat plate solar thermal collectors. 

Recognized for their high performance, structural integrity and patented mounting systems, the MSC Series collectors have been designed for use in harsh climates with corrosive elements or coastal climates.  The I-beam frame wall design is considered an industrial grade and provides enhanced durability while still meeting the highest industry standards.  Made with Thermafin absorbers coated with the trademarked Crystal Clear Selective Coating.  All MSC-Series collectors are OG-100 certified.  Designed for 30+ years of dependable service they carry a 10 year warranty.  

The EagleSun™ line of 80 & 120 gallon  solar water heating systems are designed for today's family.  EagleSun™ solar water heaters have fewer system components than any other active solar system available, making EagleSun™ more dependable and virtually maintenance free. A solar water heater by EagleSun™ will pay for itself several times over through energy savings. Taking full advantage of AET's exclusive Crystal Clear™ selective coating and unique energy distribution technology, the EagleSun™ achieves new levels of performance and efficiency.

Three significant advantages make the EagleSun™ Drainback System one of the top performers in the U.S. in both total energy output and efficiency. The simple design eliminates many components. Only 100% drinking water is used in the closed loop instead of chemicals (antifreeze) so no maintenance is required. The collectors and exposed piping drain each time the pump is turned off, assuring freeze protection. Drainback is truly the Premier Solar System.

EagleRac hardware mounting solutions.  Hardware designed for any solar panel installation



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