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AET University

NABCEP-certified training

AET University was founded by Alternate Energy Technologies to generate and disseminate knowledge and understanding about the solar thermal industry. In this way, AET contributes its 40+ years of experience to the global community and the advancement of this field and provides NABCEP-certified solar energy education.


AET University offers professional education and training for solar design and energy engineering, solar thermal sales and marketing, and the installation of solar energy systems.

Almost two-thirds of the energy we use in buildings and industry can be supplied using low-temperature on-site heat sources like solar thermal collectors.  Solar thermal collectors are the second-most cost-effective energy savings measure one can specify, after energy efficiency measures. And they use clean, and renewable, solar energy which is by definition domestically produced.  Solar energy is national security!  One way AET is helping to usher in the sustainable economy is through AET University.  AET University seeks to achieve this by generating professional capacities in the solar energy industry for decision-makers, engineers, designers, dealers, contractors, and builders.


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